Why a blog you may ask? Valtronic is looking to the future with a new vision in mind, “to be the worldwide recognized partner for innovative healthcare devices”. In a global market, it is tough to
stand out and  so what better way to push our knowledge, skill and expertise as a medical device manufacturer then introduce you to the Valtronic team; from the United States and across the Atlantic, to our home office in Switzerland and a facility in Morocco. At Valtronic, we have a number of experienced, educated and extremely smart individuals from our leadership team to the individuals on our manufacturing floor who specialize in electronic miniaturization. Each individual brings a special something to help bring our customers products to life. Click here to view our global  management team and their bio’s.

At Valtronic, we don’t just contract manufacture miniaturized electronics, we innovate. Our customers products  help children hear, the blind see, and your grandfather to check his heart rate on a regular basis. We take pride in our work and we want to share that with you. With our tinyscience NewsBlog, we now are able to share exciting news stories on a weekly basis, give you an inside look at our engineering team and discuss everything from electronic miniaturization to wearables, fun tech stuff and normal day to day process, such as Lean Management Training.

We invite you to follow our blog as we gain some traction and become your partner in the field of personal healthcare devices. To subscribe to our NewsBlog, click here. Or for more information on our company, visit us at www.valtronic.com