When it comes time to starting lean initiatives many questions might pop into your head like where should I get started? How often should we do a Kaizen? What area should have a Kaizen?

Should we plan Lean 101 classes first?  Should we 5S everything first or complete A3’s for the production line and does the office need to be involved? First, don’t be intimidated with the process or the terminology, just get started.

The first step that I have found beneficial is to get the whole organization talking the same language and understanding the new words and phrases.  This is accomplished by having focused Lean 101 classes for the whole company. This class sets the baseline for the whole organization and gives them the playbook to success.  This class should cover the history of lean, the basic understanding of lean, and the tools used to build your success.  These classes include everyone in the organization from the president to the receptionist and janitor

There is an amazing transformation that happens when people get involved and you show interest in them, they succeed!  Go into this journey with an open mind and don’t be surprised where some of your greatest ideas for success come from.

The first concept that you will learn is lean is a journey not a destination.  The road of continuous improvement never reaches the end because; it’s always looking for a better way.  When you stop developing, learning, and improving you die.

Think of your company just like a human since it is made of humans.  It is a living and breathing life form that thrives when it interacts with other life.  Everyone including companies need to adapt, develop and change in order to grow and survive.  Imagine if we all stayed kids and never grew up.  Companies need continuous improvement to stay healthy

So get started!