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December 2014

The Usefulness Of Nothing (Vacuums)

By |2019-06-17T08:35:00+02:00December 29th, 2014|Contract Manufacturing|

You might think that nothing would be worthless, but creating nothing is actually very useful for PCBA manufacturing. At our contract manufacturing facility we use vacuums in a few different places to ensure that we are building a reliable product for the customer.

The attached video shows a pair of Peeps (Marshmallows) being placed into a […]

Telemedicine Is Changing The Playing Field For Medical Device Manufacturers

By |2019-06-17T08:35:43+02:00December 17th, 2014|Healthcare, Technology|

Most people have heard by now of Telemedicine and its visionary idea to use advanced telecommunications technology to reach patients in remote locations with a whole host and team of professionals.  Telemedicine and telehealth are terms used interchangeably to refer to the use of remote healthcare technology to deliver clinical services.[1] Telemedicine is […]

Lean In Contract Manufacturing Of Microelectronics

By |2019-06-17T08:36:17+02:00December 3rd, 2014|Contract Manufacturing|

The world we live in keeps getting smaller and smaller!  When it comes to Lean practices in manufacturing, typically the question that we are faced with is can Lean work for the business of manufacturing microelectronics?

In the past, most students of Lean have focused the tools and knowledge taken from Lean practices the automotive or […]

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