The Valtronic U.S. Sales and Marketing team had the opportunity to visit Cleveland’s newest gem, the Cleveland Convention Center and its adjacent facility, The Global Center for Health Innovation. In the heart of downtown Cleveland and what many are calling the nation’s medical capital, Northeast Ohio has seen substantial growth in healthcare and the bioscience industries. More than 700 bioscience companies, healthcare startups and some of the medical industries big players like the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, MetroHealth, and leading medical institutions such as Case Western Reserve reside in Cleveland.

When entering the Global Center, you can certainly see how far Cleveland has come just from the site of the center. From the modern architecture to the never ending construction outside the doors of the facility, the development and improvements to downtown Cleveland continue to take over. Investments to the city continue to increase and have surpassed $200 million dollars.

Since we are talking about investments, the largest one of all was Global Center for Health at about $465 million dollar investment. The idea for the Global Center was to integrate medical innovations in health and healthcare, education and commerce within a state-of-the-art facility by offering virtual offerings and other programs. The facility is constructed with four themed floors: (1) Health and Home, (2) People, Patients, Caregivers, (3) Clinical Space, and (4) Healthcare IT.

Your first few steps into the Global Center are greeted by the Visitor’s center which is hosted by The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, MetroHealth, Sisters of Charity Health System and SMG. Then, you observe the number of people in the open space that are breaking from a day long conference. From first impression, having the facility in working order the day we took our tour was great. It allowed us to see the facility doing what it was built to do.  The main focus of the main floor is on Health and Home. The first floor captures the use of current technology which allows people with sensory, mobility, and both physical and mental challenges to live independently and safely at home. The patient home is equipped with today’s technology of lifestyle enhancement devices, health monitoring, and healthcare delivery options. It also offer a Wellness Theater presented by Vitamix.

The second floor looks at People, Patients and their Caregivers. The focus is our healthcare system that and its dedication to patient care.  This floor was quite impressive with the focus of innovations featured by some big names as well…MetroHealth, Chemsultants, Cisco, GE Healthcare, Steris, Cardinal Health, BioEnterprise, The Cleveland Clinic and more.

Next, the third floor captures today’s Clinical Spaces showcasing the clinical experience provided to patients by caregivers through devices, systems and technology. Featured on this floor was Siemens, Forbo, Hyland Software, BDV, smartshape, University Hospitals, Philips, Case Western Reserve, Gleeson Construction and Johnson Controls.

Finally, the fourth floor looks at Healthcare IT and its dedication to improving healthcare access, outcomes and the reduction of costs by employing information technologies across the scope of healthcare delivery. Along with a number of partners and collaborators, the main occupant of the fourth floor is The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). HIMSS showcases a Health IT Ecosystem which is a fully operational environment with simulated patient demographic, clinical and financial data.

By demonstrating single vendor showrooms in the Global Center, it provides an emphasis on Northeast Ohio’s growth in healthcare and health innovation. Collaboration among featured companies at the Global Center has also produced educational spaces for others to utilize for meetings, education, training programs or virtual offerings. The Global Center for Health Innovation has captured a distinct capability of Northeast Ohio and is increasing the regions global leadership in the medical field. As a NEO company, we are excited for the exposure and look forward to The Global Center for Health Innovation to drive new medical and bioscience innovations to the forefront.