My last visit to Europe brought me to a small city in Denmark called Odense. Odense is mainly known for being the hometown of famous author Hans Christian Andersen. However, from my recent travel, I’ve experienced and come to know Odense as the City of Robots and Brains (that is actually what they call themselves). Odense has become a innovation center where they have imagined and developed robots for a positive purpose.

When I think of Robots, I naturally think of them as taking over the world and replacing humans, right? We have been shown far more misbehaving robots then robots for useful purposes.

The City of Robots and Brains is made up of a cluster of Robotics including the Danish Technological Institute, University of Southern Denmark, The Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute of Robotics and several more. More information can be found at:,6?cms.query=robotics

From delivering supplies around a hospital to helping care for the elderly or physically limited, the robots created in the Robotic Innovation Center in Odense are there to serve.

Some of the great uses include helping the elderly, the physically disabled, young children with learning or behavioral disabilities, managing supplies, moving large panes of glass into place in modern office buildings, sorting through waste so humans don’t have to. These are some of the many functions that are being deployed so that robots can be helpful and not take over the world. This is why I love Denmark! They have enabled technology to improve lives and become resourceful.

If you have an interest in robots or an idea relating to robots check out the Danish Technological Institute or Blue Ocean Robotics.

You might ask why Valtronic, a company known for its electronic miniaturization skills is interested in robots? The answer is simple. As experts in medical devices, Valtronic has had its fair share of experience with robotics. Most recently, we have designed, developed and manufactured a surgical robot for one of our client companies. Our electronic and mechanical production facilities in Switzerland, gives us a self-contained vertical integration for manufacturing robotic devices, big and small!

Are you interested in learning more about our experience in robotics? Read our newest comic book, “Amazing Tales” which highlights the first robotic system developed for implementation in stereotactic brain surgery.

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