Did you know that the increased investment in industrial, aerospace and automotive industries is growing rapidly in Northern Africa; Morocco is a well kept secret for many and the kingdom is quickly becoming the most dynamic economy in Northern Africa. Boosting promising potential “Morocco is aggressively marketing itself as a regional automotive hub and an attractive investment destination to the bigger players in the industry. The country’s efforts to attract investments in recent years are paying off, with international juggernauts such as Renault, Dell , Bombardier, Delphi, GDF Suez and Acciona undertaking major investments in Morocco (http://www.forbes.com/sites/mfonobongnsehe/2013/07/23/why-morocco-is-attracting-foreign-manufacturers/).”

The focus of investment stems from a 2010 cooperation between Morocco and the European Union composing of various donations to development of social policy, modernization and institutional support. In midst of North African turmoil, the country itself has adopted new law empowering Parliament. This law enlarges domains of lawmaking and recognizes the opposition’s status, brings awareness to individuals and liberties, allowing for the strengthening of human rights.

Today, Morocco leads with a stable political environment, improved infrastructure, and economic growth from its ports and geographic region. In addition, the Moroccan workforce is highly qualified and experienced with providing a resolution-oriented approach. In just five years, the economic growth has averaged 4.9% with a deflation below 2%. “It is also expected to grow further thanks to the expansion of the automobile sector, the investment incentives offered by the State, the expansion of electronic component sub-contracting, in which Morocco is becoming a global hub (http://www.moroccobusinessnews.com/Sectors/Industry.asp#3).”

Manufacturing of industrial products among all industries makes up 3%, equaling 198 companies within the electronics sector. Employment rates from this sector range at 7% from the general labor population.

The electronics segment in Morocco focuses on six sectors:

  1. Electronic components
  2. Electronic distribution equipment
  3. Wiring and cables
  4. Electrical batteries and storage devices
  5. Electrical transformers and generators
  6. electric devices and lamps

With Europe across the waterway and the Tanger-Med port just ten miles from Europe, it allows Morocco the benefit of having one of the world’s busiest ports and specifically in Africa. By 2017, it is projected to have a container capacity of 8 million. In addition, the port is connected by rail and highway to industrial parks and free zones.

As Valtronic Morocco makes up one percent of the economic population in the industrial sector, we’ve also witnessed an increased popularity among the site. Our Moroccan facility allows for Swiss quality at an offshore price with a flexible infrastructure which brings prospects from all around the globe.

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