The need for self-injected drug administration is growing speedily, driven by the increasing prevalence of autoimmune and metabolic disorders including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as novel therapeutic approaches to cancer, fertility, and osteoporosis. Patients are trained on self-injection, which entails self-discipline in respecting their injection planning and carefully noting when the injection was made and what dosis was injected. Injection pens do not store such data, so it’s up to patients to be vigilent. This can become very constraining and even most assiduous patients might forget from time to time about their last injection’s time and dosis.

For doctors, the collection of reliable information is very difficult. As there is no platform available, they can only rely on information directly provided by their patients. But given the limited patient-doctor appointments and patient errors with injection, treatment follow-up and adaptation are not an easy task.

The Valtronic SmartCap fills this gap as it allows to transform an injection pen into a smart device.


So what’s the SmartCap?

As indicated by its name, the SmartCap is simply a cap that – provided some limited customization investment – can fit on any disposable injection pen. The SmartCap provides the following data:


  • Precise dose injected
  • Date and time of injection
  • Ambient temperature to confirm that the drug has not degraded prior to injection due to improper handling


Moreover, the SmartCap is connected to an App, which allows to accurately store data information and to share it with caretakers and doctors. The device is self-powered and reusable.



What benefits for patients? Less stress and improved treatment follow-up

Patients’ life can be simplified as they will no longer have to worry about memorizing their injection data. They even can receive precious messages. Let’s take the example of growth hormone therapy. A child using a SmartCap on his injection pen will have all his data saved in the SmartCap and later synchronized with the App on a smartphone or tablet. The App can prompt the child with helpful messages like questions about symptoms, encouragements, reminders etc. The connection with the cloud allows a secure data storage and its access for caretakers, parents and doctors in charge of motinoring the treatment. A dedicated software for the doctor can extract and display relevant information and further more raise alarms.

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