Lunaphore Technologies SA is specialized in cancer research and diagnostic platforms. The company is now launching the LabSat™, its first tumor analysis equipment after several years of research and development. “Considering the machine’s complex assembly and the constraints of IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) regulation and submission, we have decided to outsource the industrialization and manufacturing of our device”, explains Diego Gabriel Dupouy, Co-Founder & CTO of Lunaphore. “We have chosen Valtronic for their deep experience in the medical field, their expertise in assembling complex medical devices, and their geographical proximity”.

Complex assembly processes including electronics, pneumatics, and fluidics

Lunaphore’s technology is using immunohistochemistry for the analysis of tissues and detection of cancerous cells. Such analysis equipment is highly complex and requires different assembly processes including electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, fluidics, pneumatics, and precision assembly. Valtronic’s expertise with such assembly processes motivated Lunaphore’s decision when they were looking for a reliable partner to help them ensuring a seamless transition to the industrialization and manufacturing phase. Valtronic already delivered the zero series and the normal production of the LabSat™ is now up and running. This success illustrates Valtronic’s ability to solve complex manufacturing challenges for high-mix and medium volume product focus.

Diego Gabriel Dupouy, CTO of Lunaphore Technologies SA

Diego Gabriel Dupouy

Valtronic proved to have a very responsive team who makes all the necessary efforts to meet the customer’s expectations while maintaining certain degree of flexibility

Diego Gabriel Dupouy, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CTO of Lunaphore Technologies SA



More about Lunaphore’s cancer research and diagnostic equipment for immunohistochemistry

Staining chip used in immunohistochemistry

Staining chip used in immunohistochemistry -®Lunaphore Technologies

Lunaphore develops automated solutions, performing immunohistochemistry, based on a unique microfluidic technology. This kind of equipment is already existing and in use, but Lunaphore’s device is ten times faster. The tissue analysis is performed in less than 15 minutes instead of the two to three hours necessary with other machines. Lunaphore has just launched the device for research applications and is planning on launching its version for diagnostic use later this year, which has the potential to have significant impact in clinical practice. Reducing the turnaround time may provide considerable advantages such as allowing for intra-operative diagnosis, following the cancerous cells evolution and observing how patients are responding to their treatment. In 2018, Lunaphore ranked at the third place of the annual TOP100 Swiss Startup Award. The same year, Lunaphore announced the closing of CHF 5.3M in Series B funding. Together with the CHF 6M convertible loan injected to the company in October 2017, the overall financing round amount has reached CHF 11.3M.

Link to Lunaphore’s press release – Lunaphore launches its first product LabSat™