“We help our customers improve the design of their medical device for improved manufacturability.” – Portrait of young and talented engineer Jessica Monsman

When customers are sub-contracting the design, industrialization and manufacturing of their medical device to Valtronic, a multi-disciplinary team ensures a seamless process. The success of Valtronic is to a large extent due to the talent and motivation of our employees. Meet Jessica Monsman, a young and dynamic engineer who explains why her job is both motivating and rewarding.

Gaining experience in electronic assembly and box-build manufacturing

Since Jessica joined Valtronic three years ago she has been involved in electronic assembly and box-build projects covering various medical applications such as drug delivery systems, glucose monitoring and orthopedic surgical devices. As a Program Manager in the Solon, Ohio facility, Jessica works in close collaboration with all departments, from procurement to quality, to ensure a smooth transition from a customer’s designed medical device to the industrialization and manufacturing phase. Continual communication with the customer is another aspect of her job. Very attentive to details she emphasized, “Our job is to help the customer adapt their design for better manufacturability.”  Creating assembly processes can be quite challenging especially when you work on very complex systems. Jessica’s passion and the experienced team she works with allows her to take up any challenge. “Challenges make the job exciting,” adds Jessica.



Jessican Monsman - Program Manager at Valtronic Technologies (USA) Inc

Jessican Monsman – Program Manager at Valtronic Technologies (USA) Inc


“In this job you don’t just get to see PCBAs coming off of a production line, you get to see people wearing a medical device you worked on and that’s very rewarding.”

Jessica Monsman joined Valtronic’s site in Solon in November 2015 as a Project Engineer and then shortly afterwards became a Program Manager. She had just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bioengineering major and math minor. She wanted to join a company active in medical device development and manufacturing. Valtronic turned out to be the perfect fit allowing her to work in the Cleveland area where she grew up and to devote her talent to help improve quality of life for patients.



Part of a growing R&D team that is boosting up its design capabilities

Jessica is learning plenty from her team and supervisor, Mike Labbe, Director of R&D at Valtronic U.S.A. “Mike is a great mentor for me,” confides Jessica. He is building the facility’s design team, currently comprised of a dozen of engineers, and enhancing Valtronic’s capabilities to create a foundation of all the skills needed to design and develop innovative medical devices. Project engineers, program managers, process engineers, electronics engineers, design engineers, mechanical engineers and firmware engineers are currently engaged in the development of next generation devices. Working with Valtronic on the industrialization and manufacturing of their existing devices, current customers are very familiar with Valtronic’s expertise and the important role that DFM (Design for Manufacturing) plays in guaranteeing the success of their projects. Jessica has learned, “When customers involve us at early stages of their next generation device projects, I mean in the design and development phase, we can improve and strengthen their product and reduce their costs.”

A good work environment and strong team spirit

Jessica enjoys this motivating work environment. “We all get along very well and we are also building friendships outside of work”. Being the only woman on the R&D team, her message to young women is “Do not hesitate to embrace an engineering career! It’s cool to be part of such a team!”