Is Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer Flexible Enough To Quickly Adapt to your Production Needs?

Changes in market and customer needs, especially during exceptional circumstances like the recent COVID-19 crisis, emphasize the ability for Contract Manufacturers to quickly scale-up the production of a medical device. This requires the right infrastructure, assembly expertise, efficient teams and processes, and practice with reorganizing production lines to manufacture medical devices of the highest quality. This flexibility is not straightforward for all Contract Manufacturers, especially when it comes to dealing with complex high-mix, low- to mid-volume medical devices. So, what should you look for when deciding to partner with a contract manufacturer to produce your medical device?

Medical device manufacturing and assembly expertise

Medical devices can be quite complex to manufacture and assemble. Mixed assembly technologies and expertise are required especially when it comes to following the trend for smaller and lighter devices. Choose a contract manufacturing partner with in-house expertise, capabilities and experience to manufacture your sub-assemblies and assemble your full medical device.

Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and capacity to quickly adapt to market demands is key to achieving a competitive advantage. When time has come to scale-up the production of your medical device, you need a contract manufacturer that has the capacity to organize its production floor and its team to rapidly adapt to your needs. A high-mix, low to mid volume contract manufacturer with medical device experience will be more likely to offer this flexibility, as their teams are used to more frequent changes and as their production floor might be better adapted for such production flexibility.

Efficient supply chain management

The need to scale-up production also implies the capacity of organizing the supply chain to have all the necessary parts and components, even more so in exceptional situations with very short deadlines. When choosing your next contract manufacturer, find one who offers efficient supply chain management and has the experience dealing with complex bills of materials.

Commitment to Quality

Sudden needs in scaling manufacturing requires flexibility, but there is one domain in which flexibility is unacceptable: quality. Whatever the emergency, medical devices are used on patients and meant to save lives, meaning that the highest quality is required. Since quality is the most important factor in any decision regarding medical devices, choose a contract manufacturer who has a proven Quality Management System (QMS) in place and is ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered.

Responsiveness and communication

The imperatives of market changes are challenging enough for legal manufacturers who need to quickly adapt to the market demand and want to help patients in exceptional circumstances. Partnering with a contract manufacturer who offers first class and dedicated project management, anticipates and quickly responds to needs is a huge asset. Look for a contract manufacturer that understands your situation, the tight requirements linked to medical device regulations, and has a team that is responsive and regularly communicating with you.

Why Valtronic is a partner of choice for the manufacturing and assembly of your medical device

Valtronic is a full-service medical device contract manufacturer. FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified, we have the expertise and experience to manufacture your medical device with the highest quality requirements. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to quickly adapt to your production needs even in exceptional circumstances. Our expertise in microelectronic assembly, miniaturization and full medical device assembly is a clear asset for our customers who moreover appreciate our responsiveness. Our customers appreciate our expertise but also to be understood, to see their needs anticipated and to benefit from constant communication with our teams.

Our customers say it best

“Valtronic quickly organized the supply of all necessary parts and adapted their organization to meet our needs”. – Read more about how Liberate partnered with Valtronic to increase the production of the VentFree™ Respiratory Muscle Stimulator during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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