Valtronic – Your CM with fully redundant sourcing and manufacturing capabilities over three continents

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how devastating unplanned events can be for business continuity. Think about other events such as floods, fire, strikes or political instability that can jeopardize the future of an OEM when manufacturing is stopped for several weeks or months. The key asset to mitigate such risks is to partner with a global Contract Manufacturer (CM) who offers stability and reliability with fully redundant sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.

With its three manufacturing sites in Switzerland, the USA, and Morocco, Valtronic offers its customers full redundancy capacity for PCBAs, sub-assemblies and full device assemblies. With our footprint and confirmed experience and expertise in medical devices, our customers can expect support, flexibility and highest quality for business continuity, production ramp-ups and market expansion.

Seamless manufacturing transfer for business continuity

Unplanned events are by definition impossible to anticipate. OEMs relying on a CM located in a single country or region, and who have no contingency plan in place, are particularly at risk when such events occur. The COVID-19 crisis has proven how disastrous manufacturing disruptions can be. Partnering with Valtronic for the manufacturing of your device is an asset. Our three facilities are located in economically and politically stable countries around the world and they are equipped with state-of-the art assembly lines. They are staffed with highly skilled employees and operating with proven manufacturing and testing processes. Our teams are used to collaborate on pan-facility projects and maintain regular communication. Should your production need to be moved from one site to another for whatever reason, the manufacturing and full sourcing of your product will be seamlessly transferred.

Time and cost optimization

Our experience allows for flexibility and rapid set-up of our lines to adapt to your needs with highest quality manufacturing. In the light of what just happened with the COVID-19 pandemic, imagine how much time and costs this can save you compared to recreating the set of skills and capabilities you need somewhere else.

From component sourcing to manufacturing

The sourcing of components also turned out to be a major concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sourcing from only one or a handful of suppliers and often located in the same region revealed very risky. Today, OEMs are reconsidering the dual sourcing structure. The choice of a new supply source represents double work for managing quality, timing, pricing, and efficiency. Partnering with Valtronic allows you to have a solid network of approved suppliers, which mitigates the risks of supply chain interruption in case of unplanned events such as the COVID-19 crisis.


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