March 8, 2022 – Les Charbonnières, Switzerland – Valtronic, full service contract manufacturer dedicated to the medical device industry, and headquartered in the Greater Lausanne area, is celebrating today its 40th anniversary. Born in the heartlands of Switzerland’s precision industry, Valtronic has grown to an international company whose expertise is supporting renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the design and manufacturing of innovative medical devices, from active implants to complex equipment aiming at improving patients’ lives.

Since the time of its creation in 1982, Valtronic has combined micro-electronics and complex higher-level assemblies, drawing on the dexterity of its employees, and on Switzerland’s ecosystem of precision-machining suppliers. The company has developed over time a worldwide renown for microelectronics and miniaturization – an expertise that is increasingly essential to the medical device industry. Today, Valtronic is consolidating its position as a market leader for active implant electronics, as well as for complex yet smaller medical equipment.

Electronic miniaturization is driving innovation in active implantable devices

Active implants are medical devices intended to be totally or partially introduced or implanted into the human body, such as implantable infusion pumps or neurostimulation devices that stimulate nerves to manage pain or treat different pathologies (like tremor control for Parkinson’s disease). Valtronic has been a leader in this sector for several decades. The company houses the required miniaturization expertise to produce highly reliable implant devices for its customers. “We are just yet at the beginning of neuromodulation therapies. In the future, implants will certainly help more patients suffering from chronic pain or chronic diseases. It is an exciting and strongly growing market segment in which our company is proud to play a major role as electronic contract manufacturer allowing for groundbreaking therapies.” explains Rainer Platz, CEO of Valtronic.

Full assembly of complex medical equipment

Enabling patients to receive treatments at home to increase their well-being is another growing trend in healthcare. Patients prefer to avoid extended hospital stays and sophisticated medical equipment is critical to ensuring that more treatments can be provided at home. In other words, smaller, smarter, lighter, portable and inherently more complex medical equipment will drive this change in the healthcare landscape. Valtronic has a solid track record of developing and assembling complete medical devices, also known as box builds. Examples include but are not limited to cancer diagnosis equipment, laboratory analysis devices, respiratory muscle stimulators, or robots for tumor ultrasound treatment. Looking forward, the company will undoubtedly maintain its position as key player in this area. “We enable our clients to innovate and improve their products for next-generation solutions, particularly with device size reduction and miniaturization. These solutions are cutting-edge, at the forefront of innovation, and not standard off-the-shelf technology. Clients come to us with specific needs, and we offer them solutions”, explains Rainer Platz.

Resolutely optimistic about the future

Electronics is driving innovation in the medical device market, so that Valtronic is well positioned to be the manufacturing partner for this next generation of active implants and complex medical devices. In the future, more medical devices will evolve and include electronics, meaning that besides new products, existing devices will also have to be enhanced with additional functionalities. “It is exciting to imagine the next generation of devices that will further improve patients’ lives, and I am proud to say that we are working on several thrilling next generation projects for longstanding customers, and also for new ones”, confides Mr Platz.

Proud of our skilled and committed employees worldwide

Valtronic’s venture started 40 years ago with just 40 employees. Today, Valtronic counts about 350 employees and spreads over three continents, with plants in Switzerland, the United States and Morocco. “Our success would not be possible without the expertise, know-how and commitment of our employees, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. I thank all of them, as well as our valued customers, and we are looking forward to the next decades of successful medical device contract manufacturing”, concludes Valtronic’s CEO.

More about Valtronic

Valtronic is a full-service contract manufacturer dedicated to medical devices. Worldwide companies rely on our 40 years of experience to develop, industrialize, and manufacture innovative Class II & III medical devices, including active implants. Our expertise includes microelectronic assembly and miniaturization as well as full box build manufacturing and assembly. Headquartered in Switzerland, our company spreads over three continents with sites in Switzerland, the United States and Morocco and employs more than 350 employees worldwide.


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