Valtronic is proud to announce that we have completed the IPC-7711/7721 – “Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies” certification process!

With our operators trained and certified to these IPC standards, Valtronic offers the most updated and reliable rework, modification, and repair processing for Class 2 and Class 3 medical electronics.  Using the 7711/7721 standards also provides clearer more precise procedures and improved documentation with a common language for understanding.

Valtronic continues to improve and increase our capabilities and skills. These new certifications assure all service and repairs, or product update and modification will be completed to the highest industry standard.

Valtronic maintains its mission to development and manufacturing at highest quality standards. With 40 years of experience and 90% of our manufacturing activity being FDA registered Class II and Class III devices, adding 7711/7721 certification will make us your most reliable option for Service and Repair demands. We have the expertise and service options for all project needs under one roof. With Valtronic, you can have confidence that we will provide the best solutions to meet expectations and get the job done right.