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To be the worldwide successful partner for innovative healthcare devices.


To enable our partners to improve patients’ quality of life through medical device innovation, development and manufacturing at highest quality standards.


Guiding Innovation to Success

We are challenging ourselves to learn, renew, and provide innovative solutions that will improve patients’ lives.

Solution oriented

We understand your business and needs and select the technologies and solutions that will allow to meet or exceed your expectations.

Collaboration and use of our worldwide synergy

We make use of our worldwide footprint to provide you with the best solutions at optimized costs.

Precise, efficient and disciplined approach

 Conscious that our products are an integral part of medical devices, we design, develop, and manufacture to the highest quality standards.


Meet Valtronic’s executive team who continues to drive our path towards innovation and success.

Rainer Platz

Chief Executive Officer

Rainer Platz serves as CEO of Valtronic. Mr. Platz has spent most of his professional career in the microtechnology and medical device industry, where he has held various leadership positions in Technology, Research and Development, IP and Innovation Management, both in Switzerland and the United States. His general management experience ranges from the management of an active implantable medical device startup to that of a major North American subsidiary of a large multinational group. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and a PhD from the Institute of Microtechnology, University of Neuchâtel and EPFL (Switzerland).

Sébastien Robert

Chief Financial Officer

Sébastien Robert serves as CFO of Valtronic. He started his career as a corporate finance consultant with Helbling Corporate Finance, focusing on industry and small- and mid-sized companies. Prior to joining Valtronic, Mr. Robert spent seven years as a senior controller of the business unit service of Bobst

Mark Semkoff

President and General Manager of Valtronic Technologies (USA) Inc

Mark Semkoff serves as President and General Manager of Valtronic Technologies (USA), Inc. Prior to joining Valtronic, Mr. Semkoff spent over twenty years in the medical device industry, in companies such as Lisi Medical Remmele and AMETEK Medical Interconnects where he held senior management roles encompassing contract manufacturing, custom product design, operations, and supply chain management. He has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Oklahoma State University.

Abdelmajid Raoui

General Manager of Valtronic Morocco SARL

Abdelmajid Raoui serves as General Manager of Valtronic Morocco. Prior to joining Valtronic, Mr. Raoui was Plant Director at Delphi Packard Morocco. Previously, he held management positions within Renault and the Sumitomo Groups.


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