September 2018

Manual assembly operators

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Manual assembly operators – the precision of Swiss watchmaking benefits  medical devices


Véronique is a member of the Valtronic manual assembly operator team. With 33 years of experience, she has acquired extensive know-how in assembling ultra-small and thin components for complex medical devices. The Valtronic plant in […]

December 2015

Winning The Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Management is a concept that is loosely used in many facets of business, but for many we understand it simply, as a flow of products from concept to production as a cumulative effort of various organizations – managing product per customer demand to maximize customer value and sustain a competitive advantage. According to […]

July 2015

How X-Rays Serve A Purpose In Contract Manufacturing

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For many years, a sharp pair of eyes was all that was required for a visual inspection in soldered joints of electronic assemblies. With today’s array of quality equipment on a contract manufacturers floor, visual inspection coins a new definition.

A visual inspection study completed in 1973 shared discovered that “inspection of small integrated circuits found that […]

May 2015

World Class Visual Management

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What defines visual management? Why is visual management so important? And in our business or any business?

The definition of visual management is the visual indicator which reflects to the viewer the status of something so you can mitigate risk. In our world of microelectronics manufacturing, this can indicate a variety of information in production output; replenish stock, order […]

April 2015

Morocco Becomes An Investment Opportunity In Manufacturing

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Did you know that the increased investment in industrial, aerospace and automotive industries is growing rapidly in Northern Africa; Morocco is a well kept secret for many and the kingdom is quickly becoming the most dynamic economy in Northern Africa. Boosting promising potential “Morocco is aggressively marketing itself as a regional automotive hub […]

March 2015

In-House Microbial-Controlled Clean Rooms

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A microbial-controlled clean room allows medical device manufacturers to handle the complete manufacturing process. By eliminating the need to ship finished devices to a third-party vendor for cleaning or packaging prior to sterilization, an in-house clean room helps to shorten the supply line, save time, and contain costs. Choosing a manufacturer without one increases the […]

February 2015

For The Newly Graduated Engineer

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Late nights studying, weekends poured into projects and homework, hours spent in class, and now you’ve made it: its graduation day.  The end of one chapter and the beginning of another in the story of you.  And although this College Excerpt ends with you on top of the world, the next chapter starts you back […]

November 2014

Customer Service Is All About The Pickle!

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Having the opportunity to roam the Internet, let alone having any social media accounts such as LinkedIn  provides us as consumer’s daily examples of customer service. Unfortunately, posted customer service “complaints” are what we normally see. Recently, I am sure we have all heard the recording of the man trying to cancel his cable connection, […]

October 2014

Lean Initiatives

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When it comes time to starting lean initiatives many questions might pop into your head like where should I get started? How often should we do a Kaizen? What area should have a Kaizen?

Should we plan Lean 101 classes first?  Should we 5S everything first or complete A3’s for the production line and does the […]

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