June 2019

4 ways to optimize New Product Introduction with your Electronic Contract Manufacturer

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Selecting a Contract Manufacturer (CM) is a well thought and time-consuming process. There are many factors that go into making the choice, obvious ones like cost and fit come to the forefront.  But one that is often overlooked is the process of onboarding the new project, New Product Introduction (NPI).  Transferring all of the knowledge […]

December 2018

Successful transfer of PCB assemblies for The Telos Alliance®

By |2023-11-22T13:55:16+01:00December 21st, 2018|Contract Manufacturing, Expertise, PCBA, Technology|

Successful transfer of PCB assemblies for The Telos Alliance® – The Grass is Greener at Valtronic

The decision to switch from one Contract Manufacturer (CM) to another is not made lightly as it takes extra effort on both the CM and customer’s part to ensure that production is not slowed. Companies switch CM’s for a variety […]

November 2018

The growing role of microelectronics in diabetes management

By |2019-06-17T08:03:48+02:00November 28th, 2018|Expertise, General, Healthcare, Technology, Wearables|

The daily life of diabetics is made of regular controls of blood sugar levels and insulin injections. Few diseases require so much attention. With diabetes, daily routines such as working, eating, and exercising take special preparation and involve learning how to plan for these everyday tasks. If the illness is not under control, there is […]

November 2015

Reinventing High Tech Solutions For Medical Technology: Compamed 2016

By |2019-06-17T08:18:20+02:00November 11th, 2015|Healthcare, Technology|

The medical device and technology industry is thriving and all over the world. This provides medical device and technology companies the opportunity to tap into global markets. Demand is high due to an aging society and the need to create tolerable patient treatments and be cost-effective for patients is at an all time high.

Next week, […]

February 2015

Why I Love Denmark (And You Should, Too!)

By |2019-06-17T08:31:39+02:00February 18th, 2015|Innovation, Technology|

My last visit to Europe brought me to a small city in Denmark called Odense. Odense is mainly known for being the hometown of famous author Hans Christian Andersen. However, from my recent travel, I’ve experienced and come to know Odense as the City of Robots and Brains (that is actually what they call […]

January 2015

Biometric Testing Based On Security Levels

By |2019-06-17T08:33:29+02:00January 23rd, 2015|Software, Technology|

Biometric testing is gaining popularity and is starting to branch out into every industry.  Whether your system will be doing verification or identification, biometric screening can make it both an easier and a more secure system.   The more secure you want your system, the more advanced you will want your biometric screening.  I will outline […]

December 2014

Telemedicine Is Changing The Playing Field For Medical Device Manufacturers

By |2019-06-17T08:35:43+02:00December 17th, 2014|Healthcare, Technology|

Most people have heard by now of Telemedicine and its visionary idea to use advanced telecommunications technology to reach patients in remote locations with a whole host and team of professionals.  Telemedicine and telehealth are terms used interchangeably to refer to the use of remote healthcare technology to deliver clinical services.[1] Telemedicine is […]

November 2014

Wearable Devices And Securing Patient Data

By |2019-06-17T08:37:01+02:00November 20th, 2014|Technology, Wearables|

If you have had the chance to wear one of those new wearable or body worn bracelets or gadgets then you already know that they can, of course, enable you to track your own personal health information and store it in the “cloud”. It is likely that in the next few years more data will […]

October 2014

Touchscreen & Software Upgrades, & Their Pitfalls

By |2019-06-17T08:40:36+02:00October 29th, 2014|Software, Technology|

Thinking of upgrading the touchscreen on your device? This article will outline a few things to consider as you think about your future design.  Upgrades are basically broken down into two
categories: Hardware and Software.  In this article I will talk about each of the two different types of upgrades and hopefully help you avoid some of the […]

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