Innovative Drug Delivery Device Solutions

Electronic-enabled drug delivery devices are a growing trend and have a huge potential to transform a patients’ quality of life. Portable, interactive, wireless, and user-friendly devices, as well as tiny active implants, improve patient adherence and treatment efficiency. They also offer tremendous possibilities in controlling and targeting drug delivery in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and the management of chronic pain. Drug delivery device development and manufacturing require expertise and experience in areas such as embedded software, wireless technology, and power management. Also, their continuously shrinking size necessitates customized assembly processes to reach new levels of miniaturization.

Advanced Electronics for Smart Drug Delivery Devices

Whether our customers want to improve the functionalities of an existing drug delivery device or to create the next generation of their product, Valtronic offers a complete range of services and expertise, from design and development to industrialization and manufacturing, to make their project successful.

  • Customized PCB layouts
  • Low power / Low voltage
  • Sensor analysis and selection
  • User interfaces such as touchscreens
  • Software design
  • Mechanical fluidics
  • Clean room assembly
  • High precision manual assembly

Our Experience Includes

  • Insulin pens and pumps
  • Glucometers – implants and external transmitters
  • Smart caps for pen injectors
  • Implantable Morphine & Baclofen delivery pumps
  • Contrast syringe pumps
  • Hand-held inhalators
  • Infusion pumps

Brochure on Valtronic's expertise and experience in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative drug delivery devices.

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