Less Invasive & Ultra-Miniaturized Endoscopy Device Design & Manufacturing

Endoscopy is another medical field where miniaturization can play its full role. Minimally invasive endoscopy device design and manufacturing for diagnostic and therapeutic applications allows for faster recoveries and reduced hospital stays. Making endoscopes thinner will pave the way for new approaches in diagnosing and treating diseases.

Either the entire endoscope or parts of the device can now be designed as disposables. This massively reduces the risk of infection, thus providing a big advantage on patient safety. Also, this allows for cost reduction by replacing complex fiber-optics for imaging and illumination with low cost polymer lenses, CMOS sensors, and LEDs.

From design and development to manufacturing, Valtronic provides the expertise for ultra-thin and reliable endoscopic devices.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Miniaturization expertise for complex microelectronic assemblies
  • Light source management: Optical fibers, LED integration
  • High definition image acquisition and processing:
    • CMOS sensor image integration
    • Optical coupling
    • Small camera integration with light contamination management
  • Wireless communication and RF communication
  • Thermal management
  • Hermetic epoxy resin encapsulation, gluing processes

Examples of applications