Valtronic is an EMS company developing and assembling highly complex printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, and complete medical devices. With its full scope of expertise, from design and development to industrialization and manufacturing, Valtronic has become the partner of choice for worldwide medical device companies.

Integrating an increasing number of functionalities into always thinner and smaller implants is a challenge. It requires miniaturization and downsizing expertise and know-how in combining several integration and packaging technologies. Valtronic has developed custom integration processes allowing for highest densities and significant size reductions over conventional technologies.

Valtronic provides complete turnkey solutions from design and development to industrialization and manufacturing. Since 1982, Valtronic has completed over a thousand Class II and III projects for its worldwide customers.

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Valtronic offers a full array of assembly and packaging technologies. Our team’s expertise and experience in combining them to provide custom assembly processes adapted to your device are a key asset for your most challenging projects.

With more than 25,000 m2/250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities including ISO 5 & 7 microbial controlled clean rooms, Valtronic provides high quality manufacturing services. You can expand your manufacturing capacity thanks to flexible solutions for a seamless transfer or duplication of your manufacturing operations into Valtronic’s facilities.

Our seasoned manual assembly technicians have been developing their skills for over thirty years. They assemble your most challenging parts with discipline and goldsmith’s precision. This know-how originating from the Swiss watch valley has been extended to all of the Valtronic sites. Moreover, your product costs can be optimized through partial or full assembly of your device in Valtronic’s Moroccan facility.

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Altium designer
Flex, rigid & rigid-flex
High-density circuits
High-frequency circuits
RF and RF ultra-low power
3D Modeling
Passive & active components
DFMA Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
DFT Design for Testing
Integrated manufacturing solutions

SolidWorks designer
Mechanical construction
Mechatronic conception & design
Rapid prototyping
Mechanical simulation as FEA
Fluidic and optic design

Embedded micro-controller
Custom process technology
Real time operating systems
Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Low power / Low voltage
Sensor analysis and selection
User interfaces as touchscreens
Product design FMEA
Connected devices

Complete firmware design
Low level multiprocessor languages
Custom debugging & control tools
High level GUI windows
Programming in C++, C#, Java
Maintenance & development tools


Feasibility study
Proof of concept
V&V methodology
Full project planning
Parallel product & process design
Product and Process FMEA
DHF Design History File
PLM Product Life Cycle

Process Mapping & Optimization
Fixture & Tooling design
Full Supply Chain Management
Subcontractor Qualification
Obsolescence Management
Part Traceability
Custom process development
Joining process expertise
IQ, OQ and PQ Qualification
Process FMEA
Full DMR Device Master Record

DVT Design Verification Testing
Aging Test
AOI Automatic Optical Inspection
Flying Probe test
Functional test
SPI Solder Paste Inspection
Design of custom Tester
Validation of Custom Tester
SPC Statistical Process Control
Test Software Methods & Control


CNC Turning & 5-axis Milling
CNC Measuring machine
Micro-mechanical Assembly
Material Engraving
Laser Marking
Intermediate & Final Cleaning
Surface Treatment

THT & SMT down to SMD 008004
Bare die
COB Chip-On-Board
COC Chip-On-Chip
Flip-Chip soldered, glued, ultrasonic
BGA Ball Grid Array
PGA Programmable Gate Array
MCM Multi-Chip Module
3D CSP Chip-Size Packaging
3D Die Stacking up to 4 levels
Wafer level CMOS camera
Wire Bonding Au & Al
GlobTop, Dam & Fill, Underfill
Board wash

Complete Device Assembly
Cleanroom environment assembly
Joining expertise
Combined assembly technologies
Adjustment of mechanical parts
From design to manufacturing
Optical Component Integration
End user device packaging

ISO 9001
ISO 13485:2016
FDA registered
Customer specific Standards
Manufacturing with UL registration
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice

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