A History of Innovation

1982 Valtronic is founded as a microelectronics contract manufacturer in Switzerland.

1986 Valtronic expands its sales activities to the United States, and builds a factory near Cleveland, Ohio to establish its presence in the US market.

1990  Valtronic electronic modules are included in the production of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

1995 Valtronic electronic modules are mounted on Formula 1 cars.

2000 Our teams manufacture the world’s smallest hearing aid.

2002 Our company receives the R&D 100 Award for the Commport, a device combining COB and SMT technology for miniaturized two-way radios.

2005 We manufacture the world’s smallest implantable pulse generator (IPG) for pain management.

2006 We produce the first retinal implant.

2007 Valtronic and AP Technologies merge, adding orthopedic and integrated medical systems manufacturing capabilities.

2011 Valtronic introduced Ultrasonic Flip Chip technology, enabling increased miniaturization and quicker assembly.

2022  Valtronic celebrates its 40th anniversary.