Medical Device Engineering, Design, & Development of Microelectronics

Valtronic provides medical device engineering expertise to design and develop manufacturable medical devices of the highest quality.

From Idea to a Manufacturable Product

Any brilliant idea for a new medical device or for the improvement of an existing one requires design and development expertise and experience to turn it into reality. Why? Because many challenges arise if you do not have the in-house expertise and capabilities to think ahead and include manufacturability in your project. Valtronic’s experienced and highly skilled engineering team provides the expertise and out-of-the-box thinking you need to help you design your device from scratch or to review the design of an existing device to reach the next level of innovation. From feasibility to customized solutions, we provide all the capabilities needed to design and develop a manufacturable high-quality device.

Full Expertise and Support from Feasibility to Manufacturing

Whether you need to design a medical device from scratch, to improve an existing one, or to move to the next generation of your product, you can rely on Valtronic’s multi-disciplinary Research and Development team. Our passionate and highly skilled engineers bring the full scope of competencies to design high quality and manufacturable devices that will exceed your expectations.

Medical Device Engineering Teams 

The highly qualified Valtronic engineering team has developed design, testing, and qualification processes for various and complex medical devices. As soon as they onboard a new project, they apply methodologies such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), Design for Testing (DFT) and New Product and Process Development (NPPD) to make sure all critical functionalities of your product will be addressed.  In addition, they work in close collaboration with Manufacturing and thus know all of the stringent constraints inherent to a medical device. Also, they immediately perform a thorough BOM analysis together with our Supply team to ensure optimized supply throughout your product life cycle. And finally, they work from scratch with our team of quality experts to provide the documentation you need to meet all ISO 13485, MDR, and FDA requirements.

  • Dedicated project managers
  • Full set of expertise in house
  • Engineering-medical bridge
  • Identification of project key success factors
  • Quality team involved from the start

In-House Capabilities

  • Dedicated project managers
  • Electronic design and PCB layout (including flex and rigid-flex)
  • Mechanical design
  • System design
  • Software design

Your benefits at a glance

In-house capabilities to address your challenges

From feasibility to a manufacturable high-quality medical device

Paving the way for your innovative future

Medical device expertise to help you design innovative next generation devices

Engineering-medical bridge

MD on board with experience in Surgery

Support in addressing critical medical issues

Design with manufacturability in mind

DFMA – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly to optimize the production of your device

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