Industrialization solutions for smooth manufacturing

We leave nothing to fate when taking on new projects

Industrialization is a crucial step towards the successful manufacturing of a medical device. Valtronic takes all key factors into consideration to confidently translate a design or prototype into a product that can be manufactured to meet the market volumes at highest quality standards.

DFMA – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

When starting a new project or reviewing the design of an existing device, Valtronic’s Research and Development team applies the DFMA methodology– Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. Working in close collaboration with the industrialization and manufacturing team, our engineering team knows all manufacturing constraints and takes them into account when performing their design. Key factors such as the Bill of Material (BOM), the test strategy must be addressed, but also other crucial factors such as clear manufacturing instructions. Operators need to understand all manufacturing steps and all assembly operations must be as easy as possible to perform to allow for repeatability, efficiency and quality. This approach minimizes iterations and allows for faster time to manufacturing and time to market. With our expertise and experience, we ensure a smooth transfer of your product to our manufacturing lines.

The New Product Introduction (NPI) Process

Onboarding a new project, your project, involves a cross-functional communication and a close collaboration with your teams. Valtronic applies the New Product Introduction (NPI) methodology to transfer all the knowledge of your team to ours and guarantee a seamless transition to our manufacturing lines. This generally involves sending a Valtronic team to your plant to fully understand all the manufacturing steps and perform all operations together with your operators. And if some redesign be necessary is necessary to optimize the manufacturing costs and cycle time, our Research and Development team have all the expertise and experience to help you optimize the manufacturing of your products.

Your benefits at a glance

Nothing left to fate

Close collaboration with your teams

Proven methodology, checklists and validation processes

Support from our R&D

Improvement of your design

Product optimization for better manufacturability

Small prototype runs

Preconfigured manufacturing process befor large build

Quick availability of of samples to start your clinical testing earlier

Optimized time to manufacturing

Less iterations

Reliable repeatability

Quick ramp-up

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