Ensuring Reliability Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Many factors go into the initial design and development of your device, and they should be included in the service of them as well.  Who you trust with the service and repair of your device should follow set of predetermined criteria to ensure the highest quality repair and refurbishment available.

At Valtronic, we are committed to the entire life cycle of your medical device. From design to manufacturing, our skilled engineers are also dedicated to bringing your device back to its original specifications.

Our services extend beyond electronic medical device design, development, and manufacturing with the inclusion of aftermarket device service, repair, and upgrade. From component replacement to full traceability, we offer various medical device service and repair solutions to keep your product going.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Starts with an operational console that does not need additional rework. Annual service and maintenance can include the following services:

  • Replacement of worn or disposable standard parts
  • Software upgrade
  • Calibration
  • Testing
  • Packing

Medical Device Repair

Provides rework of defective units due to component quality issues or failure in the field. The repair process can include:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Failure analysis
  • Repair existing parts or replace with new
  • Testing
  • Packing

Medical Device Upgrade

Upgrading the device extends the life of the device while work is being done on its successor. The medical device upgrade process can include:

  • Replacement of standard and unique parts
  • Software/Firmware upgrade
  • Calibration
  • Testing
  • Packing

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