Mastering PCB Assembly for Critical Devices: Valtronic’s Quality-Driven Solutions

PCB assembly is a multi-step process involving high-quality automated, hybrid, and manual manufacturing expertise. As a full-service device contract manufacturer, Valtronic offers first-class PCB Assembly solutions for the advanced industrial, medical technology and diagnostics device market, specializing in high-mix with large flexibility.

Valtronic provides R&D expertise to design and develop PCBAs of the highest quality for critical devices. Using our Design for Quality methodology, we address any risk related to the industrial, medical and diagnostics device PCB assembly to ensure a seamless manufacturing process and overall device functionality.

With capabilities from multi-layered to flexible printed circuit boards, we are your complete partner for printed circuit board design, commodity sourcing, assembly, and testing. From design to delivery, we provide our customers with exceptional PCBA solutions and services worldwide.

PCB Assembly

  • IPC standards
  • Multi-layer / High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs
  • Rigid, Flex & Rigid-Flex
  • SMT & micro SMT (01005 and 008004)
  • CoB (Chip on Board)
    •  Gold and aluminum wire bonding
  • FC (Flip-Chip)
  • Conformal Coating Automatic Dispensing
  • Underfill Automatic Dispensing
  • BGA with multi-die
  • CoC (Chip-on-Chip)
  • CSP (Chip Scale Package)
  • MCM (Multi-Component Modules)
  • Selective Soldering
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Copper Tracks down to 15µm
  • Thickness : min. 25 µm (Flex)
  • Pitch: min. 30 µm (Copper Pillar)

High Quality Testing Capabilities

Valtronic provides exceptional PCB assembly testing capabilities. We apply a variety of methods such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), In-Circuit Testing (ICT), and 3D X-Ray inspection to check the finished PCB assemblies for proper component placement and functionality. More importantly, whatever the complexity of your PCBA, our experienced team understands your needs and will develop a test strategy and tooling that is customized and adapted to your product.

PCB Design & Development

Design for Quality for Seamless Manufacturing

Combined Assembly Technologies for Complex PCBAs

SMT and Through-Hole Capabilities

Implantable & Miniaturized Solutions

Advanced PCBAs for Implantable & Miniature Industrial, Medical and Diagnostics Devices

High-Mix / Large Flexibility

High Manufacturing Flexibility with Quick Adaptation to your Needs