Project Description

Complete Blood Transfusion System

Valtronic was contacted to manufacture, assemble and test a blood auto transfusion system that is used during surgical operations.

Project challenges and solutions provided by Valtronic

This system filters red blood cells and returns them back to the patient. It is intended for use in operation blocks allowing to collect, wash and reinfuse the patient’s blood. Combining expertise in electronics, fluidics and precision mechanism, Valtronic manufactured the electronics as well as the high-speed centrifuge bowl and assembled the complete transfusion system.

Technical details

  • Fluidics
  • High-speed rotation bowl
  • Noise reduction
  • Complete system assembly
  • Supply chain management


Our customer benefited from Valtronic’s expertise in both, precision mechanism and microelectronics. Moreover, Valtronic managed the whole supply chain and a specific test process, which allowed the manufacturing of about 5,000 transfusion systems in about twenty years and sold worldwide.

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