Project Description

Deep Brain Stimulation Implant

Deep Brain Stimulation Implant (Class III)

Project challenge

  • DBS to treat symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Smart cell stimulation without burn effect
  • Start from a proof of concept with size of a paper sheet
  • Extreme miniaturization required for neck-implantation

Valtronic solutions

  • 3D-stacking technology to reach reduction factor above 10
  • Ti-encapsulation (laser welding)
  • Development of specific interface for connection of 40 probes
  • Final external dimensions: 19 x 8 mm (h 7mm)
  • Design of complete strategy for qualification & manufacturing tests

Technical Details

  • Components including 8 dies & several passive elements
  • Levels of stack
  • Glued Flip-Chip
  • Chip-on-Chip assembly
  • Wire bonding on all 4 levels

Customer benefits

  • Partnership with specialist in extreme miniaturization
  • Reliable design & manufacturing partner for Class III implant

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