Automated Diagnostic Equipment

LabSat™ is an automated diagnostic equipment that allows for tissue analysis in less than 15 minutes. As it requires complex assembly processes and has to meet the demanding IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) regulation, our customer  Lunaphore Technologies SA reached out to us for the industrialization and manufacturing of their device.

Industrialization and manufacturing of a complex tumor analysis device

Automated analysis equipment such as the LabSat™ is highly complex and requires different assembly processes including electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, fluidics, pneumatics, and precision assembly. Valtronic worked in close collaboration with Lunaphore to ensure a customized industrialization process and a smooth transition to manufacturing.

Project management with professionalism and high responsiveness

Lunaphore appreciated the proximity and responsiveness of our global team. Close collaboration allowed for a smooth transition to the manufacturing phase of this highly complex device.

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Lunaphore ranks 2nd in the TOP100 Swiss Startup Award!

Automated Diagnostic Equipment

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