Project Description

Disposable Bronchoscope To Prevent Infections

Our customer, a company specializing in the design of disposable sterile endoscopes, approached Valtronic to design a single-use flexible bronchoscope.

Project challenges and solutions provided by Valtronic

Such a project presents a double challenge: on one side, the assembly of very complex mechanical and electronical parts, and on the other side, the implicit pressure on production cost for a disposable device.

Classical endoscopes are expensive since they use fiber optics. To overcome this, Valtronic designed a device using a camera with CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor technology and a LED light source. The Valtronic team also participated in the very complex integration of electronic, optical and mechanical parts of the design.


Our customer could successfully prototype its innovative disposable bronchoscope and ramp-up its production to meet the market need and improve patients’ safety.

About endoscopy and cross-contamination risks

Used in most hospital services (ENT, urology, gastroenterology and surgery) flexible endoscopes are a serious risk for cross-contamination and resulting infections. The devices are reusable and require thorough disinfection after every utilization. The disinfection process is time consuming and expensive and can be dangerously incomplete. The development and production of single-use endoscopes is thus necessary and will have an impact on cost-reduction, time and most of all, on patients’ safety.

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