Programmable Morphine and Baclofen Delivery Pump

Valtronic was approached to design and manufacture the PCB for a programmable Morphine and Baclofen delivery pump.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Our customer wanted to develop a programmable morphine pump with Class III implant. The device required high miniaturization and a very complex layout with high component density. Valtronic designed the PCB, selected and integrated the more than 250 electronic components and assembled them to meet all of the customer’s requirements. Our team also developed a complex testing device, managed the supply chain, and ensured the full traceability of every single component.

Technical Details

  • Complex rigid flex PCB
  • SMD
  • High density components
  • High precision pin soldering
  • Full traceability
  • Automated Optical Inspection machine used in manufacturing production line
  • Complex manual assembly and soldering


Benefiting from the close collaboration of our team for more than ten years, our customer could develop and manufacture a very complex device with the traceability requited for an implant of Class III.

Implanted in the abdomen and linked to a catheter located in the spine, the device allows for the delivery of micro-doses of morphine. This process allows to relieve chronic pain without risk of addiction.

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