Miniaturized Electronics for Tire Pressure Sensors Fitted on Commercial and Business Aircraft 

Project Challenge

  • Electronics that would fit into the wheel mounted tire inflation valve
  • Extreme shock, vibration and temperature requirements
  • It also had to withstand pressure up to 600psi
  • To meet these conditions a material assessment had to be performed as standard materials would not suffice

Valtronic Solutions

  • Due to the sensitivity of the sensor it was attached using a material that allows for movement in the system
  • Sensor had to be attached to a surface which was not in a fixed position
  • Chip-on-Board – high reliability to meet environmental requirements
  • Electronics measures
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
  • Transmits tire pressure and temperature information to systems installed on the aircraft for cockpit display as well as to portable readers used by maintenance personnel
  • Battery is not required
Tire Pressure Sensor

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