Ultrasound Treatment Robot for Non-Invasive Thyroid and Breast Surgery

Our Customer, Theraclion,  developed Echopulse®, a robot which allows to treat tumors by ultrasound technology. The Ultrasound Non Invasive Surgery (UNIS) method uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), to treat benign thyroid nodules and breast fibroadenomas.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Theraclion has partnered with VALTRONIC on the project. Valtronic designed part of the first version of the system: the machine housing, the robotic axes allowing for high-precision movements, three complex interconnected PCBs, the integration of the ultra-sound probe which allows to make an accurate diagnosis and definition of the area to be treated, the first version of the firmware and the manufacturing software which pilots all the critical treatment parameters. A performance cooling system was added to avoid patient’s having burns on the area to be treated by the HIFU. Valtronic also successfully met the challenge of managing the supply chain for the more than thousand components of the device and realized the different specific tools

Technical Details

  • Ultrasound
  • Robotized axes
  • Cooling system
  • Electronic boards
  • Passive axis
  • Fluid PI regulation


Starting the project from scratch, the Valtronic team performed the feasibility study of this complex project in only three months and delivered two prototypes within two and half years. The first devices were manufactured and delivered two years after project-start. Valtronic has become a reliable partner and continues manufacturing the Echopulse® ultrasound treatment robot.

Non-Invasive Ultrasound Robot

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