The Valtronicles 

The Valtronicles are articles that provide insights into microelectronic assembly, miniaturization, mechatronics and box builds. Our articles are based on our 35+ years of experience as a full-service contract manufacturer.

Through tangible case studies, we will focus on specific assembly challenges and provide some tips and recommendations on how to overcome them.

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Valtronicles – Issue Nr 3

Micro Flip-Chip BGA

Micro-Flip Chip BGA

Case study – Manufacturing of a micro-FCBGA with 2100 connections and a pitch of 150µm

Packing more circuitry in always smaller component packages is a trend that requires microelectronic design and assembly expertise as well as highest accuracy. Micro-Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (Micro-FCBGA) is a case in point. This assembly technique that allows to meet the demand for low size and weight packages with high-density interconnects is quite challenging to perform.

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Valtronicles – Issue Nr 2

BGA and Micro-FCBGA

BGA and Micro-FCBGA

A solution for customized components with high-density interconnects

The increasing demand for miniaturized electronic equipment with higher functionality requires fundamental advances in terms of electrical interconnect density and assembly technology. Which assembly technique is best suited for a purpose or application? In this issue of the Valtronicles, we will make a review of Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) and Micro-FCBGA. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies? And what are the challenges on the way to pitch reduction?

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Valtronicles – Issue Nr 1



The challenging trend for always smaller, lighter, faster and denser electronic devices

The race for always smaller, handheld, wearable or portable electronic devices has been driving various markets over the past few decades. Miniaturization has been important in many of the technological advances that have occurred including in the medical device industry.

Packing more functionality into smaller devices is not straightforward. It brings challenges in terms of design and assembly expertise.

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