Device Market Expertise

With more than 40 years of experience in electronic device contract manufacturing, Valtronic understands the advanced industrial, medical technology and diagnotics device markets. We specialize in developing, industrializing, and manufacturing Class II to III medical devices, including active implants. From the very first contact with our team, our customers appreciate the professional approach. We anticipate their needs and propose technical solutions to meet their expectations.

Next Generation Medical Devices

Using our full scope of expertise and service, we help OEMs develop and manufacture medical devices that follow the latest trends and technologies. Our customers rely on our knowledge to produce their next generation devices to be smaller, lighter, better performing, or to innovate new products that meet unaddressed medical needs.

Global Manufacturing Capabilities & Solutions

As a global company with three facilities on three continents, our customers have the advantage of 250,000 sq ft / 25,000 m2 of first-class production area to manufacture and assemble their electronic devices. Our lean manufacturing processes allow for the highest quality wherever our customers need to have their products manufactured.

Expertise & Service Under One Roof

Valtronic is a total solutions provider for the electronic device market. From product design and development, to product manufacturing and assembly, quality testing services, packaging and traceability, we cover your entire project. With all of our expertise and services under one roof, our customers benefit from optimized production costs, on time delivery, and reduced time to market.